Mindful Writing (2-minutes)

Gather your notebook (or a piece of paper) and a pen. Find a comfortable place on a sofa, a chair at your desk, or on a cushion on the floor. Make sure that the location is relatively quiet and free from interruption. See that your back is supported, or at ease and that you are sitting upright. You may cross your legs if you wish or sit with your feet planted firmly on the floor.

Take a few moments to sense the inflow and outflow of breath. Allow your awareness to follow the breath as it expands your lungs and abdomen and exits through your nose. With each breath begin to let go a bit more, releasing any tension or pain in your neck and shoulders, your arms, back, hips, and legs. Sense the inflow of the breath as it fills your lungs, and then sense the outflow as you slowly let go and begin to relax.


You’re walking outside one day when a shimmering silk ribbon falls from the clouds. You walk up to it and give it a tug. You notice that it’s very strong and will probably take your weight. You tug on it to make sure it can hold you and you begin to climb. You find it surprisingly easy to climb and its softness is inviting and luxurious. You continue rising until, at last, you’re high above the clouds.

Write for two minutes about this experience and how it feels to you. Listen to the audio for guidance. The sound of the meditation bell will signal the end of the meditation.

photo credit: Timothy L. Brock

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